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402, achewood, adventure, anachronism, aqua teen hunger force, army of darkness, arrested development, asatru, awesome show great job!, bawls, being moderately buzzed, borat, botany, brak, british comedy, bruce campbell, calvin and hobbes, captain james tiberius kirk, children of mana, computers, cookie dough, cookies, costumes, cowboy bebop, crafts, cream soda, creative swears, da ali g show, daria, darnassus, david bowie, dawn of mana, dinosaurs, dissecting electronic devices, dragonforce, dungeons and dragons, efficiency, eluveitie, elvenking, elves, faeries, fantasy role-playing games, finntroll, fishing, folk metal, forbidden planet, futurama, gemstone iv, hating star wars, hats, hiroki kikuta, home brewing, home movies, house, ice cream, invader zim, iron chef, jeremy irons, jewelry, katamari damacy, kids in the hall, kingdom of loathing, knitting, legend of mana, leopard geckos, lewis black, long skirts, luna moths, making fun of people, married to the sea, mead, medical coding, metalocalypse, mission hill, monty python, moss, mountain horned dragons, mr. t, mushroom and pineapple pizza, naps, natalie dee, nerd rap, non-shitty fantasy novels, non-shitty science fiction, not ever wearing pants, not getting sick, paid vacation, penny arcade, pete & pete, phoenix wright, pi being exactly 3, pirating music, pizza with alfredo sauce, pokemon, power metal, pretty buttons, problem-solving, procrastination, programming, ray's urine, real ultimate power, really big hairy spiders, really soft pajamas, red dwarf, renaissance faires, rhapsody of fire, robot porn, robots, roman dirge, sacrelige, salami, sarcasm, science, secret of mana, seiken densetsu 3, silk, slacking off at work, sleeping late, snakes, solitary practitioning, south park, space ghost, spinal tap, star trek, steaks cooked rare, sushi, switchblade symphony, sword of mana, tarkus, techno, the elder scrolls, the mana goddess, the mana tree, they might be giants, tiny spiders, too-big ideas, toothpaste for dinner, trees, trogdor, truly awful fanfiction, vikings, warcraft, warcraft 3 night elves, warm fluffy bathrobes, warm weather, whales, wii, working from home, xena, yu+me
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